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About Us

Streamlined Film Permitting!

Film Project Film Requesting is Finally Made Easy!

We are FLIPSFilm℠

FLIPSFilm℠ provides a one-stop shop to streamline permitting and pre-production planning for film, tv, music video, and other electronic media production.

It reduces costly bottlenecks by normalizing disparate permitting requirements, provides location specific resources, alerts for potential community event conflicts and efficiently notifies all appropriate permitting approval personnel.

Industry experts tell us that FLIPSFilm℠ radically improves productivity on well-understood critical success factors and there is no existing means by which they can achieve a comparable result.

about us

A Service of Community Approvals

Community Approvals was formed because there was a distinct lack of cost effective options for state and local government to streamline business processes and share critical information. For over 5 years, our founder saw the value of improved decision making through information sharing. He also saw the obstacles to implementing those improvements - lack of budget, complexity, organizational conflicts and more. With the right resources, those obstacles can be eliminated.

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Participating Communities

Participating Communities

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