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Baden, GA (City Limits)

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This community does not yet use www.flipsfilm.com for their online, 24x7 media approvals.

But you can help change that!

Let them know you want a smoother, easier, more predictable filming process using www.flipsfilm.com.

If you want this or your other filming communities to use www.flipsfilm.com, let them know at

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Parking Fees:


Signs and Banners:

Sound and Noise:

Tent Requirements:

Traffic and Lane Closures:

Category Name City Location
E6a8aeb54eafa9c2dbc44962a10c3f8d Atlanta Production Services Statewide
Atlanta , GA
Inquire by E-mail
Fe10797e4bfc48b3e13e6e507c360713 Bob Sarda Statewide
Cumming, GA
Inquire by E-mail
D0518211e7f76d1d3124d7439b668165 Serv-All Electric Statewide
Buford, GA
Inquire by E-mail
D3e9f2899c6008d2aa1b18218709e798 State Tax Credit Exchange Statewide
Atlanta, GA
Inquire by E-mail
C3b385bf4ebcae9789278ecc5c89c079 United Site Services Statewide
Cumming, GA
Inquire by E-mail

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