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Streamlined Film Permitting!

Production Team Issues Other Methods FLIPSFilm
Disparate permitting requirements
  • Manual, time intensive work to find permit requirements
  • Use of expensive specialized personnel to obtain permits on your behalf
  • Even online permitting in each community requires duplicate data entry and time to find actual permitting requirements
  • Consistent, accurate input of permitting needs
  • Stored contact information reduces duplicate data entry
  • One source of permit information for all participating communities
  • Faster, less costly permit application process
Availability to conduct business 24 x 7
  • Time zone differences
  • Limited government office hours
  • Limited permitting staff availability
  • Inconsistent knowledge of permitting requirements
  • Available 24 x 7
  • Consistent policies for each community identified
Vendor availability
  • Difficulty determining which vendors serve that specific community
  • Community sanctioned vendors require additional effort to locate them, their policies
  • Must go to external sources/ books to find potential vendors; go online to verify those are still accurate from printed book
  • Delays and errors
  • Location specific vendor listings for fast identification and accurate planning
  • Community sanctioned vendors automatically listed for easy use and scheduling
  • Faster, more accurate resource planning (which can save time and money by avoiding delays which cause rescheduling at later locations)
Community Policies
  • Time consuming search online, email/fax, and website searches to identify key community policies for signage, parking, pyrotechnics, sound, use of community resources and more.
  • FLIPSFilm lists description of each community’s policies with links to the actual community for verification and further information.
Event conflicts
  • Bad surprises when local events (unknown at that time) may conflict with shooting schedules, use of community resources
  • At time of permitting application, FLIPSFilm checks and notifies you about potential community events which could affect your shooting schedule!
  • Saves you time, money and reduces rescheduling problems!
Consistent, timely permitting approval notification
  • Lengthy approval processes
  • Potential for delays when community officials are engaged after production begins
  • Costly delays and relocation may be required – simply because a key approval person was not made aware of the production which affected their department!
  • FLIPSFilm immediately notifies each community’s appropriate permitting approval team member within minutes of permitting application. Now everyone gets the same, consistent permitting information for fast, accurate and complete approval, making it easier to meet tight production schedules!
  • Fewer “bad surprises” from approval departments who were accidentally left out of the approval process


Free! There is no charge to you, as a producer.

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