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Streamlined Film Permitting!

Vendor Issues Other Methods FLIPSFilm
Limited vendor listing info
  • Restricted to a few description fields
  • Generous opportunities to describe your services/products, experience, and other differentiating factors that make you special
Limited listing categories
  • All your competitors dumped into a single listing category with you; difficult to differentiate you
  • You are showcased IN THE COMMUNITIES YOU SERVE! Easier to differentiate you and be noticed by prospective customers.
Outdated books and reference guides Prospective customers have to go to separate resource books to find potential suppliers
  • FLIPSFilm provides updated, accurate information about your company
  • You can update your listing yourself at any time to add new offerings, specials and adjust to market conditions (including slow or busy schedules)


$100 annual local, $200 annual statewide listings.

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