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South East Wheels Events

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Teamsters Union 713


We provide picture cars and bikes to the movie industry and print media.
We also provide locations- car show rooms, gas stations, tire repair shops, farms, airports,and roller rinks.


Fast and Furious 3, Driving Miss Daisy, Jane Mansfields Car, Big Momma's House 3.

Contact Information

Please call or e-mail Bob Sarda for more information about South East Wheels Events's services.

678-873-9412 (Phone)
678-873-9412 (Mobile)

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Name Location Community Blurb
Fe10797e4bfc48b3e13e6e507c360713 Bob Sarda Cumming, GA Statewide

When was the first time and the last time you saw a 1972 Honda AZ 600?

Southeast Wheels Events provides the exotic, luxury and other automobiles the movies and TV productions demand! We can provide them from our inventory of over 1600 vehicles!

We've placed vehicles in movies such as Jayne Mansfield's Car, Fast and Furious 3 and Big Momma's House 3.

We're responsive and eager to serve you!

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